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“Every woman needs to do this!

Rebecca leaning on table wearing patterned blouse and pink trousers

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.
— Oscar De La Renta

I recently booked in for a wardrobe edit with Becca. I was confident that I probably needed little assistance as I’m pretty organised. 

Becca arrived with a clothes rail and paperwork, very professional. She was dressed impeccably but, most importantly, wearing a warm smile. We talked through my style, my style icons, my likes, dislikes and colour choices etc all whist she was taking notes. This was a great exercise … I was buying clothes that were probably impulse buys, too good to pass in sales and had clothes with an emotional attachment that I hadn’t worn for years. As a woman now in my 40s I want to dress chic, classy yet fun and not necessarily dress “my age”. 

Becca was brilliant, it was like having my best friend with me on a shopping trip, only this time it was all about me. Becca understood my needs, went through my wardrobe with no judgement and light hearted humour. She was honest and supportive but more importantly she worked with my body shape and budget in mind. I think every woman needs to do this, it’s amazing how decluttered and organised I feel today.

Becca put all my clothes in order from daywear to evening and she made me try on pieces together I would never normally wear. It felt like I had been on a shopping spree only I hadn’t purchased anything new, just working with what I already had. 

By the end of our session we cleared out almost a quarter of my wardrobe: clothes I hadn’t worn, no longer fitted or aren’t my style anymore. 

Having a woman next to you to give her honest opinion and thoughts on your wardrobe can leave you feeling exposed and somewhat sensitive but, with Becca, it felt extremely enlightening. She instantly made me feel at ease and helped me uncover my true personal sense of style. This is probably one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Thank you Becca x


May 2022

“I feel that I’ve dialled up my style!

Shopping with Becca is fun.  It should be fun, right?  I often feel completely overwhelmed in shops, look about aimlessly and haven’t got the foggiest how to ‘wear’ the clothes I buy – is that just me?!  This week Becca skilfully pulled trousers from rails, rummaged through jumpers and sought out key pieces that were missing from my wardrobe (she even recommended some awesome socks!), all in an afternoon, and I feel great!  I feel that I’ve had this boost of confidence, it’s like I’ve been shopping with a friend but who really knows her stuff.  

Working with a busy family means that often shopping for my wardrobe isn’t at the top of the priority list which I why I engaged with Becca.  I wanted to dial up a couple of outfits, fill some holes in my wardrobe and just feel a bit more current (but in a I’m nearly 50 way!).  Engaging with Becca really does fast track a shopping experience and guarantees that you are going to come home with the items you need and instead of feeling deflated by another wasted afternoon you feel elated. The items that I have bought have been worn on repeat since our trip.  I feel that I’ve dialled up my style and am ready for what life throws at me!


December 2021

Rebecca walking through double doors wearing white blouse, formal tuxedo suit and heels

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Rebecca in front of mirror wearing cream top and short skirt

“So inspiring, fantastic ideas.

“I’ve been so lucky to find Becca. Her advice is amazing and my confidence in my own taste and style has returned.

The way that Becca works with you is so reassuring and positive. She offered me some fantastic, but gentle, advice and was very quick to understand what I like and what would suit me. Her suggestions were amazing with items that I would never have chosen myself proving to be some of my most successful purchases.

She wants you to be happy and confident! Talk to her, you won’t regret it.”


June 2021

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